End the overwhelm.

Get a head start with my researched and field tested tool kit so that your child can thrive too.

End the overwhelm.

Get a head start with my researched and field tested tool kit so that your child can thrive too.


How Retained Primitive Reflexes Impact Brain Function at Any Age

Join me in a conversation with Dr. Peter Scire, as he explains how retained primitive reflexes impact brain function at any age.

Dr. Peter Scire has dedicated his academic and clinical career over the past 15 years to working with complex neurological disorders in both adults and children. He received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from Life University as well as extensive post-doctoral training in functional neurology with concentrations in childhood developmental disorders, vestibular rehabilitation and brain injury rehabilitation. In addition to his functional neurology training Dr. Scire has amassed thousands of hours of continued education in the areas of functional immunology, functional endocrinology and advanced concepts in neurochemistry and nutrition over the past decade. Since 2004, Dr. Scire has collaborated with Dr. Robert Melillo the Founder of Brain Balance Centers and Hemispheric Integration Therapy.

After a decade of working with children, Dr. Scire established Scire Integrative Health Center in Atlanta which specializes in complex neurological and metabolic disorders utilizing the latest advancements in neurological rehabilitation and diagnostic testing. He is a founding member of the International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehabilitation. Dr. Scire served as the President of IAFNR from 2015-2016. When away from his practice Dr. Scire is a father to his soon-to-be 18 year old son Nicholas and his 13 year old daughter Emma.

Things You Will Learn
  • What primitive reflexes are and how they’re examined to determine motor delay.
  • What parents can do to test and stimulate primitive reflexes and check early signs.
  • The most reliable primitive reflexes according to research and Dr. Scire’s experience.
  • How retained reflexes present themselves in young children and adults.
  • How to begin the holistic treatment journey towards neurological wellness.
  • The dangers in looking at something from a purely metabolic or neurological standpoint.
  • And much more…

Show Notes

  • What primitive reflexes are and how they’re developed (3:55)
  • The two major components of neurological reflexes and where they live (11:00)
  • The primitive reflexes that are most reliable for assessment and rehabilitation (19:10)
  • How any brain is impacted by retained reflexes and how to find treatment (25:00)
  • The neurological examinations done in addition to the Primitive Reflex Exam (38:00)
  • Looking at the entire body and analyzing the root causes of metabolic issues  (43:00)
  • What retained primitive reflex therapy provides and the role of epigenetics (54:00)
  • Who can benefit from this kind of work and why it’s important (01:00:00)

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