End the overwhelm.

Get a head start with my researched and field tested tool kit so that your child can thrive too.

End the overwhelm.

Get a head start with my researched and field tested tool kit so that your child can thrive too.


How Mindset Can Be Your Child’s Superpower with Todd Herman

Mindset can unlock your heroic self

Join me in a conversation with Todd Herman, as he explains how mindset can be your child's superpower!


Todd Herman is an author, performance advisor, and entrepreneur. For 22 years, his training company, Herman Performance Systems, has focused on helping achievers and ambitious people in sports & business achieve wildly outrageous goals while enjoying the process. Todd is originally from Alberta, Canada, where he grew up on a large farm and ranch and developed a healthy dislike of chicken coops.

Todd’s company provides a suite of programs serving Olympic athletes, Entrepreneurs, and Leaders. Todd is also the author of The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life, and creator of ‘90 Day Year’, a performance system designed to create remarkable results for business owners, fast. 90 Day Year has won the Stevie Award for ‘Global Leadership & Skill Development Program of the Year'—twice. Todd is also a recipient of the Inc. 500 fastest growing companies award. He’s been featured on the Today Show, Sky Business News, Inc Magazine and CBC National News.

Todd lives in New York City with his wife and three young children and is currently the world’s worst ukulele player. (more…)

Self care: How to achieve peak health and lasting fat loss with Jason Seib

Self care: How to achieve peak health and lasting fat loss with Jason Seib

Jason Seib is a fat loss coach, author, and speaker living in the Pacific Northwest of the US with his wife and 3 daughters.

Jason works almost exclusively with women who are frustrated with their bodies, helping them to change their perspectives and develop a healthier mindset while simultaneously teaching them the important lifestyle factors that create health and sustainable fat loss so they can stop going to war with their bodies, get off the yo-yo dieting rollercoaster, get healthy, and be happy in their skin forever.

Jason's clients say “he understands women better than they understand themselves.”  His clients typically reach a level of sustainable, permanent change that encompasses many areas of their life, both physically and psychologically.


10 Ways to get More Sleep – and Help Your Child Sleep Too

mitochondrial dysfunction

As a parent of a child with a neurodevelopmental disorder like ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder, or learning disability, you are likely under a lot of stress. Supporting your child; keeping up with her appointments, therapies, and diets; and somehow staying on top of your own life leave you with little energy or time—and not enough quality sleep. You are not alone, and it’s likely your lack of sleep is taking its toll.  Sleep may not feel like a priority in your life, but by not giving it the importance it deserves, your health—and your child’s health—are at stake.  We are going to get to the heart of the matter and give you 10 ways to get more sleep and help your child sleep, too.


What I Learned from My Overwhelm Detox

Pretty woman with baby working at home

For me, the Overwhelm Detox is how I complete an annual review of my daughter's lifelong medical history. If this was your first time compiling all of your child’s information in this way, you will be that much more prepared to periodically review it all. Feel free to jump into any future Overwhelm Detoxes I run to do a complete review.

For me, the Overwhelm Detox is always eye opening. We have come so far with my daughter, and yet I continue to see opportunities for improvement in how we work with her to get the best results. Although the review takes time out of my already cramped schedule, I'm always glad when I get clarity about what opportunities we should investigate further, what treatments or therapies we should stop and which ones we should double down on to get the best results.


How to Plan a Kid-Free Vacation Without the Worry


I took a little break from blogging the past few weeks because I took a much needed, overdue vacation with my husband—and no kids! How to Plan a Kid-Free Vacation Without the Worry, you ask? Very carefully! It was overdue for many reasons, but mostly, as you can likely relate, because of the challenge of leaving my children in the care of others. Leaving the kids to take a long vacation is hard for any parent, but for parents of special needs children, it can seem almost impossible. You have to really want a vacation to put in the time and effort it takes to coordinate all the details. And yes, I really wanted it. And I’m so glad I took the time to plan it out. It was well worth it!

Today, I’m giving you a head start by outlining a plan that you can coordinate for a successful vacation.


5 Self Care Essentials To Benefit A Childs Recovery


What am I talking about today?

It’s not a secret that parents tend to put themselves last—moms in particular. We even take it as a badge of honour when we haven’t found the time to eat more than our child’s leftovers, when we regularly don’t get enough sleep, or even when we’ve barely had a chance to pee all day! I speak from experience. I am guilty of wearing this badge myself for, dare I say, many years. Don't forget about you and these 5-Self-Care-Essentials-To-Benefit-Your-Childs-Recovery!

I’ve been at the mom thing officially for 12 years. (It’s my daughter’s birthday this week.) As time flies and I get older, I have realized that the badge of honour I’ve been wearing proudly is not something to brag about after all. If you are anything like me, your own badge has left you at times exhausted and wondering if what you are doing makes sense. Neglecting yourself isn’t helping your child, your family or yourself. When you forgo your own self-care, you are not the only one who suffers. By taking care of yourself first, you will be more prepared to help bring about your child’s recovery. (more…)