End the overwhelm.

Get a head start with my researched and field tested tool kit so that your child can thrive too.

End the overwhelm.

Get a head start with my researched and field tested tool kit so that your child can thrive too.


Parenting Challenging Kids with Calm the Chaos Framework

Parenting challenging kids can be stressful, exhausting, and frustrating. Whether your child is strong-willed, spirited, explosive, or highly sensitive, you may feel like you’re constantly battling them. 

Today, you're in luck if you’re looking for a simple, fail-proof roadmap for parenting challenging kids. 

In this episode, I talk to Dayna Abraham, the life-changing Calm the Chaos framework founder, and creator of the Lemon Lime Adventures blog. Dayna is a parenting expert who has helped thousands of families find peace and harmony with their challenging kids.

Dayna shares her story of raising a challenging child and how she discovered the Calm the Chaos framework that transformed her whole family. She explains the five steps to calming the chaos and how they can help you build a safe home and support healthy children. She also gives practical tips and examples on how to apply the framework in different situations and scenarios.

The Fail-Proof Roadmap to Parenting Challenging Children

Dayna Abraham’s methodical approach to parenting challenging kids employs five key steps: safety, trust, calmness, proactive strategies, and defining family success. This road map ensures that parents can find peace and meet their kids where they are when conventional parenting tools have failed.

Grounding oneself, connecting with the child, understanding the catalyst and the issue at heart, and collaborating on a realistic solution suitable for a unique situation – Abraham’s model is backed by science and easy to remember, even when emotions are running high.

Dayna Abraham's Approach to Parenting Challenging Kids

Where conventional parenting tactics often lead to disconnection and mistrust, her Calm the Chaos approach liberates families from power struggles. By offering small, digestible steps, enlightening illustrations, and relatable examples, Abraham equips parents to uncover the root cause of challenging behaviors. This enables them to respond in ways that foster their child's growth and encourage family peace.

Dayna Abraham’s book “Calm the Chaos” is like a friend extending a supportive hand to parents at their wits' end. It offers a straightforward, non-judgmental understanding of even the most challenging behaviors. Her personal experiences lend an empathetic voice to parents facing similar situations. The book illuminates a clear, compassionate path towards understanding your child, honing your parenting skills, and positively moving forward.

As Dayna says, “You can do it. You got this!” Parenting challenging kids may be a daunting task, but with Abraham's five steps in her Calm the Chaos framework, it becomes manageable. Embrace the change, accept the challenges, and remember – you're not alone on this journey.

Learn more about Parenting Challenging Kids with Calm the Chaos Framework by tuning into this episode now.


Parenting Neurodiverse Children: The Parent Perspective

Parenting Neurodiverse Children: The Parent Perspective

Parenting neurodiverse children  can be frustrating when you have done almost everything you know but nothing seems to work, like trying to unlock a door with the wrong key. Turns out that the conventional parenting wisdom and old-fashioned discipline techniques are just… old. And no longer applicable in today’s environment and culture. 

The Expert in Parenting Neurodiverse children

Andrea Pollack, a former lawyer turned parenting coach, who specializes in parenting neurodiverse children, knows what it’s like to be in your shoes. She tried everything to help him, but nothing worked. She was feeling hopeless and helpless. But then, she discovered the one thing that changed everything for her and her son – the right key for his door and opened it.

She found a way to connect with him, to understand him, and to support him in a way that he responded to. 

Proven Process For You And Your Child

In this interview, Andrea reveals her process to turn things around and have a better relationship with her child. She also shares the lessons she learned along the way that she wishes she knew at the beginning of her parenting journey.