End the overwhelm.

Get a head start with my researched and field tested tool kit so that your child can thrive too.

End the overwhelm.

Get a head start with my researched and field tested tool kit so that your child can thrive too.


Tara Hunkin – Does Your Child Need Myelination Support?


I’m Tara Hunkin, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified GAPS Practitioner, Restorative Wellness Practitioner, mother and founder of My Child Will Thrive. I am passionate about helping parents like you because I have been in your shoes. My Child Will Thrive is the resource I wish I had found years ago.

After 11 years — and counting — researching, applying therapies and techniques, succeeding and learning from mistakes, the journey to recover my daughter from multiple neurodevelopmental disorders (dyspraxia, sensory processing disorder, general learning disability, dyslexia, auditory processing disorder…) has been an eye-opening, soul-searching, sometimes lonely trip.

My learning never ends. Whether formally, through courses and conferences, or informally, by reading, listening and research, I am on a mission to transform what I’ve learned into useful, practical solutions for parents who are where I was at the beginning of my journey — confused, determined, scared and hopeful.

Knowing more about your child’s health and the possible underlying causes is the key to finding the path to recovery. Envisioning your child’s total recovery (whatever that means to you) is, dare I say, a reasonable and necessary part of the process. Knowledge is power, hope is fuel.

Things You Will Learn
  • Does your child need myelination support?
  • What is myelination?
  • Why is myelination important?
  • What steps can you take with your child to stimulate myelination or myelin repair?
  • And much more…

Show Notes

  • Myelination is a process that begins in utero  (2:25)
  • Medial longitudinal fasciculus (6:00)
  • Unmyelinated nerves are more vulnerable to neurotoxins (7:30)
  • Supplements that support myelination (10:00)
  • Ketogenic diet (11:15)
  • Exercise and myelination (13:30)
  • EMF and myelination (14:35)
  • Summary – What can you do to support ongoing myelination? (16:15)

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