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End the overwhelm.

Get a head start with my researched and field tested tool kit so that your child can thrive too.


What Type Of Poop Does Your Child Have And How Does This Impact Their Neurological Health with Dr. Marisol

Join me in a conversation with Dr. Marisol, Queen of the Thrones™ as she explains how the type of poop your child has can impact their neurological health.

Things You Will Learn
  • The importance of testing for food sensitivities
  • What is biofilm and the role of biofilm in the gut
  • The health benefits of castor oil
  • How to use castor oil to help your child recover and help them thrive
  • How what type of poop your child has can impact their neurological health
  • And much more…

Show Notes

  • Dr. Marisol discusses how this became her main focus (04:00)
  • Find out about the importance of proper testing to fix the health of your gut (10:00)
  • What is biofilm and the role of biofilm in the gut (16:30)
  • The role of castor oil in breaking down the biofilm in the gut + other health benefits (22:00)
  • Sensory issues and using the castor oil pack (27:30)
  • How castor oil helps our children into a relaxed state to help them heal (34:10)
  • Improving your child's health and helping them to thrive (39:20)

Resources and Links

Dr. Marisol's Website

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More about Dr. Marisol

Dr. Marisol Teijeiro, Naturopathic Doctor, ND, BA – Queen of the ThronesTM is a world leader renowned for her passion for cleansing and gut health. After receiving her degree as a Naturopathic Doctor, she completed her International Speaker Certification to help share her challenges and the solution. 

Crowned the Queen of the Thrones™ by her patients, for over 15 years she has trained and educated health care practitioners and has helped thousands of patients transition from Irritable Bowels to Owning Their Throne and Thriving. 

The launch of her first book, Oh, Sh*t! and her educational conferences and programs, heralds her championing you to become your legend. 

Join her movement so that we can all experience improvement.

00:00:01 This is the My Child Will Thrive podcast and I'm your host Tara Hunkin Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Certified Gaps Practitioner, Restorative Wellness Practitioner and Mother. I'm thrilled to share with you the latest information, tips, resources and tools to help you on the path to recovery for your child with ADHD, autism, sensory processing disorder or learning disabilities. My own experiences with my daughter, combined with as much training as I could get my hands-on research I can dig into and conferences I can attend have helped me to develop systems and tools for parents like you who feel overwhelmed trying to help their children.

00:00:40 So sit back as I share, another great topic to help you on your journey. A quick disclaimer before we get started My Child Will Thrive is not a substitute for working with a qualified health care practitioner. The information provided on this podcast is not intended to diagnose or treat your child. Please consult your healthcare practitioner before implementing any information or treatments that you have learned about on this podcast. There are many gifted, passionate and knowledgeable practitioners with hundreds, if not thousands, of hours of study and clinical experience available to help guide you.

00:01:18 Part of our goal is to give you the knowledge and tools you need to effectively advocate for your child so that you don't blindly implement each new treatment that comes along. No one knows your child better than you. No one knows your child's history like you do or can better judge what is normal or abnormal for your child. The greatest success in recovery comes from the parent being informed and asking the right questions and making the best decisions for their child in coordination with a team of qualified practitioners in different areas of specialty.

00:01:49 Now, on with the show, I am excited to bring to you today the Queen of Thrones we're gonna be talking all about today on the My Child Will Thrive Podcast and Youtube video channel, we're gonna be talking about what stool can say about our children and their neurological health, which is a really important topic. And I can't wait to dive in. But before I do, I wanna welcome Dr. Marisol to our show today. Thanks so much. I'm so excited to be here. I'm excited to have you here,

00:02:28 and I wanted to do a little background on Dr. Marisol. She's a natural, naturopathic doctor and is dubbed the Queen of Thrones. And she's a world leader for her renowned and renowned for her passion for cleansing and gut health and, after receiving her degree, is a naturopathic doctor. She completed her international speaker certification to help share her challenges and the solution. Crowned the queen of Thrones by her patients. For over 15 years, she's trained and educated healthcare practitioners and has helped thousands of patients transition from irritable bowels,

00:03:03 to owning their throne and thriving, uh, with the launch of her first book. Oh, I'm just saying that because, you know, we might have some kids listening to her educational conferences and programs heralds are champions. You becoming your legends so this is all about you taking control of yours and your children's digestive health. And we're gonna talk all about poop today, which is like, really exciting, and to me and to Dr. Marisol and in particular, we're gonna dive into a topic around biofilm and which we haven't talked about on this show before.

00:03:48 So I'm really excited to do that because it is a really important thing. So before we get started, Dr Marisol, can you tell us all about how this came to be your main focus in New York practice and in your teachings to other practitioners? Yeah. So it's what's always very interesting is I find looking back on life is that, you know, it's truly, always our pain points that end up becoming our passion points, and they end up becoming our mission in this world, right?

00:04:16 Like where you suffer where you have pain, that is, where you're going to go into because it's there that you have the greatest lessons. And from those lessons, you can teach and share. And I am no, no stranger to that that's exactly how I ended up. Where I'm at is that I suffered and not only me but I saw my mother and my father suffering with unhealthy bowels their entire lives. And you know me, of course, you know, I'm a very carrying, very loving person, and it really pained me to see my mother.

00:04:43 It always, you know, striping about having to go to the bathroom. We would be on holiday, and she'd always be like Oh, my God. I gotta go get prune juice, cause I'm not where I can eat - correr in Spanish. The verb to run, correr. And that means to go to the bathroom, right? So and I followed in her suit, right, Like I also as a child was severely constipated. A lot of it how to do the foods that I was eating,

00:05:05 the area that I lived in, I lived right in behind of a major, energy factory, your farm electricity farm for all of the northern Ontario mines. So you can imagine the amount of electricity like dirty electricity that I was exposed to. I lived my entire youth being incredibly anxious, diagnosed with asthma, but not having asthma just having anxiety. And because of that, you know, as a young child, I was experiencing mixed, irritable bowel syndrome, but undiagnosed that right.

00:05:34 I was constipated. And then I have diarrhea, and I never had a natural proper rhythm with my stools. And as I got older, it just got worse, right, because I didn't think it was a problem. I grew up in it in my home. It was kind of we talked about it, but we didn't think it was like a pathology or a problem. You know, we just live with that dealt with that found prune juice, you know, are, you know, took Immodium did different things or more fiber when things were to lose or rice water.

00:05:59 You know, we're doing all the different tricks, but nothing to really understand what was going on on with their bodies. We knew in our stool was looking like, but we never dealt with it. And I remember a foundational like turning point for me in my youth was when Oprah Winfrey was on TV with Dr. Oz is one of the first times Dr. Oz was on Oprah. I'm sure your number and, you know, he started talking about poo and what your poo says about you.
00:06:23 And at the time, like, you know, I remember him just discussing the Bristol stool scale right, which is just basically the measured consistency, whether it's like loose stools or hard stools, you know, not going to the bathroom or going to the bathroom too much. And I remember just being like, fascinated by, and just thinking this is the end all be all. So at that young age, it really started to like, look at my stools more and bigger inquisitive about it. You know, As I got older,

00:06:46 I started realizing the connections like I would get very stressed in school suddenly id be running to the bathroom. You know, I couldn't control myself, you know, moving forward. I got older. I was working in the national health industry for an amazing German pharmaceutical company. And I was blessed to be able to learn and train. You know, around the world in Germany where you know, they're the most advanced in natural health. And I just got a passion for natural health that was like second to none.

00:07:10 I just saw the possibilities that the way that people were being treated, I found out what a naturopathic Doctor was. I went to go see multiple naturopaths to try to fix my gut. It didn't help very much, because unfortunately, they weren't testing me. And I really needed to be tested because of the food that I was sensitive to. So it really put me on a journey to then deciding, you know, I want to go become a naturopathic doctor to change my life. And what ended up happening is that I ended up focusing on tools that people had told me about my entire journey in the natural health industry.

00:07:45 You know, one specifically being the castor oil packs. One of the major things I speak to people about when it comes to you get got regularity and, you know, like all different things I had learned in that journey. Serve me just today in my practice, I patients little dog gets a little crazy, but she's really, um it's served me with my patients that served me in my own personal life, and I was able to really, you know, after 11 years of practice really zone in on what patients were saying about their stools.

00:08:14 You know what I was experiencing with my stools? And I went through all the research and I delved in to find, you know, how can we, as you know, individuals in our homes like use our stools as the best lab or the best at home doctor that we have to be able day to day navigate and change? You know how our bodies respond to different influences around us. Because, you know, having the perfect poo or what I call the royal flush. It's not an all the time thing.

00:08:42 I hate to break it to people, but you know, you don't get the royal flush and then you have that all the time. Life is not like that. You know, the gut is an organ system that is constantly changing, constantly exposed to the outside world. And because of that, we need to know the signs and the symptoms that we're experiencing so that we can then, you know, adjust our lifestyles and change what we need to from day to day to live our best lives. Right,

00:09:04 Because we aren't a machine. We don't just you don't need to be oiled. We need to be fed like a garden, you know, change the light as like, maybe needed, you know, change the crops and rotate the soils. You know all these things. That's how we need to look at our gut and when we start to look at our gut that way and understand that it's ever-changing ever in flux. But we need to understand the signs that is sharing with us. Then we have complete power and power,

00:09:33 honestly, over our health. And we are better able to be our own best advocates when we are speaking with our doctor or when we are in troubled times when - Because that can happen to all of us. Yeah, well, there's lots of stuff in there that I want to dive into with you today. But it is It is true in terms of so many things that are paying, becoming our passion and what we end up diving into. That is why I'm here is well, yeah, and, you know,

00:10:00 it's, what I do want to get to right away, though, because I know what parents gonna be thinking about is you said that that you went to lots of practitioners and you were hitting the wall because you weren't getting tested appropriately.

00:10:14 That is something that we've all experienced lots of fabulous practitioners. But maybe it's that one thing that we're missing in terms of to get the right direction to fix the health of the gut.

00:10:25 So can you talk about what testing you're referring to 100{4537a52abafa24f75931b694e3f6d1d9b0beb5896e18e49b3141987b78b41d96} for me what it was that

00:10:32 You know, I've been in practice now for over 10 years, and I like to get effective quickly.

00:10:38 Like I like I like to have results quickly, right, That that's kind of my prerogative. And I feel a lot of partitions out there may be scared to test.

00:10:45 You know, of course, testing has a cost to it. But the thing is that you're kind of floating in la la land or trying things out for years on end.

00:10:55 You're never getting to the end result that you're looking for, which is understanding your body and being able to adapt moment to moment because you know where your weak points are and you know what your strong points are.

00:11:04 So what I learned and that was fundamental. I've seen five different naturopathic doctors, and no one had tested me and,

00:11:10 you know, for me they would put me on cleansing diets. That fix might fix my gut. And,

00:11:14 you know, those diet's were based on rice, broccoli, kale, you know, uh, elements all the best healthy foods.

00:11:21 Finally, when I was a naturopathic school, I was actually precepting with a doctor and I asked him to test me because he was testing all of his patients.

00:11:29 And I was like, Can you just test me like I'm really, like, struggling with diet. I'm trying to eat very healthily.

00:11:34 And when I eat healthily, I feel I feel worse when I removed gluten and I feel better with gluten I felt worst with rice.

00:11:41 But I was like, you know, rice is healthy. How could it not be good for me?

00:11:44 And you know, sure enough, I do my food sensitivity testing. And no wonder I was getting sick on all those
detox and cleansing diets because my food sensitivities were rice,

00:11:53 broccoli, kale, almonds. Like turmeric, like curcumin. Like everything. healthy, right?

00:11:59 I'm a perfect naturopath, right. I can't eat healthily. No. But that means why my gut was so icky for so many years.

00:12:06 And I was Spanish. So rice is a huge part, part of my diet. So I was creating a sensitivity to that food,

00:12:12 you know, and what I needed to do, was I needed to be away from those foods still had plenty of food to eat plenty of vegetables like celery and cabbage.

00:12:18 And, you know, everything else under the Sun quinoa was fine with me. The other grains were all okay.

00:12:23 Wheat was fine for me, you know, like it wasn't It was sure wheat and grains to be a little more inflammatory,

00:12:28 . But for me, if there was a choice between a gluten-free substance and a wheat substance,

00:12:32 wheat was always a better bet in my situation, right? Because I couldn't deal with the rice,

00:12:37 the heavy rice, gluten-free meals. So it was interesting to be able to test that.

00:12:42 So in my practice, yes. And I know I'm gonna create a lot of controversies out there. There's a lot of people who love so many different,

00:12:49 like a g I testing like G I maps et cetera, Right. Well, you know the complete digestive stool analysis.

00:12:54 I don't use those at all to work on the gut. Ironically, I actually I've tested them in the beginning of my practice.

00:13:01 But what I found was that they didn't change my treatment protocol sufficiently for me to actually like, want to do more of them.

00:13:07 So what ended up happening is that I have, ah, strategy. I actually test. And if you see,

00:13:12 I also look at the gut differently than most people because I look at the gut as a central hub of the immune system,

00:13:17 the nervous system and the hormonal system. And so my testing actually involves more immune, nervous and hormones in order to understand how the guy is doing so what I do this I test food sensitivities.

00:13:31 First and foremost is the first thing when people have an issue because food sensitivities to me, even though there's a discrepancy out there,

00:13:37 people saying, Oh, it's not reliable, it's not, You know, when a number one, we're not looking for acute I g e anaphylactic reaction like peanuts.

00:13:44 We're not looking for that. What I'm looking for is I'm looking for the the load of things that are irritating the gut and triggering the immune system in an improper way.

00:13:53 And so and by removal of that right away, you're reducing a stressor on the gut. So that's why that's first and foremost.

00:14:00 the second I love absolutely testing oats, testing organic amino tests because that gives us a sign of.

00:14:06 dysbiosis within the gut. So we can see, you know, overgrowth of yeast. Candida al begins because the overgrowth of,

00:14:13 like bad bacteria like Clostridium, you know, we can see other things that are affecting that got, like,

00:14:17 Oxalate issues. You know, they're super important, especially when people are starting to eat a healthy diet. They're eating lots of Berries and nuts and,

00:14:24 you know, high oxalate foods. And then, you know, you should know these things because oxalates are super irritating to the gut.

00:14:30 And oxalates can create a lot of problems, including neurological problems. But also, you know, like buildup in the joints,

00:14:37 you know, so you can have a boatload of issues constipation with oxalates diarrhea, with oxalates like there's just so many issues with oxalates.

00:14:45 So I love, love, love, love the oats test. And then after I had my other favorite for the gut,

00:14:51 ironically, is a hormonal Dutch panel because again, the gut is so impacted by hormones impacted by progesterone levels impacted by your stress and cortisol levels,

00:15:02 it's impacted by melatonin deficiencies that you don't have healthy levels of melatonin. You know your gut will you know,

00:15:08 either work to flow or work too fast. So it's just, you know, I feel that I get so much more value and I get so much more therapeutic results by assessing the food allergies for immune the oats test for neurological function and bacteria etcetera,

00:15:24 oxalates and then the hormonal testing in order to see you know, which are the hormones that need to be tweaked in order to have good gut health.

00:15:31 Because ultimately the gut harbors more neurotransmitters, more hormones, more immune factors than anywhere else in the body.

00:15:39 And it is the guts job, too. You know, if the body's deficient in it it's because the gut is having problems absorbing,

00:15:46 digesting and eliminating. And so then you know, I start with the gut, and then everything else regulates itself.

00:15:52 It's just, it's magic. It's actually magic to me. How you can, you know,

00:15:56 treat hormones by going to the root cause of a problem, which is the gut's inability, you know, to absorb,

00:16:02 to digest properly, to eliminate properly, handle stress properly, like all those little factors. You know,

00:16:08 it is amazing how many things good health will impact ultimately and then how many symptoms will get resolved when you do get that gut straightened out.

00:16:21 So when you, um, one of the things that we talked Oh, I wanted to touch on the day is as the role of biofilm in the gut.

00:16:33 So this is something that we haven't talked a lot about before on. I have in some respects in terms of when we're dealing with good health.

00:16:43 But what's your perspective? Because there is actually a lot of controversy over whether biofilm is something we have to address or not address or when to address it.

00:16:53 And, um, and when, When we're interfering too much, I think with bad that's so true, yeah,

00:17:02 Can you explain, first of all, what a biofilm is and what where they play a role in that and gut health. 100 percent.

00:17:09 So biofilm is, I explain it like a web-like it's like a spider's web. Spiders create their web so that that way they have a safe space to be in,

00:17:19 and they're protected and, you know, they also grab their food and they grab all the different things in that web,

00:17:24 right? So it's like a sticky substance, a sticky web that protects them and keeps them healthy. So in the gut behind,

00:17:31 of course, we host trillions of bacteria in our bodies. You know, so many in our intestines,

00:17:37 on our skin and in any mucous membrane that's exposed the outside world. And what happens is that when you have good bacteria or bad bacteria,

00:17:45 I tend to call the bad bacteria conbiotics. I feel that they're like the con artist of the bacterial world.

00:17:50 You know, good bacteria. The good bacteria help you to help your body by creating B vitamins for use natural sources.

00:17:56 B vitamins? No. They create these amazing short-chain body acids like Butyric? (sic) acid that is uber healing for the gut.

00:18:03 You know, the good bacteria work symbiotically with us and can really help our bodies to heal. And you know,

00:18:08 their biofilm is a healthy biofilm, a biofilm that actually allows for proper absorption in and out of the gut.

00:18:15 When you talk about pathogenic or the conbiotics, those bacteria that aren't beneficial to you those that create nauseating gases like methane smell that you get when like

00:18:26 manure is laid out on the pasture or hydrogen sulphide. It's a rotten egg smell, and it's a little sign with your kids.

00:18:33 That you can look at is like the smell of their stools. Are they severely methane-producing, you know,

00:18:38 Do they have that cow smell or is it more like rotten eggs? After they have passed gas or after going to the bathroom,

00:18:45 because truly the smell should be pretty subtle like there should be a poo smell but subtle, not strong methane or hydrogen sulphide smell.

00:18:53 It really should just be gas, because gases like hydrogen as an example helps motility of the gut. You know,

00:18:59 when you have elevated levels of methane or elevated levels of these hydrogen sulphides. You reduce motility in the gut,

00:19:06 and you know when you reduce motility in the gut you allow for more pathogenic or conbiotic bacteria to set up residence and they create biofilm overtime.

00:19:15 And the longer these pathogenic bacteria or conbiotics have been within your gut, the stronger the biofilm becomes,

00:19:22 and the biofilm is basically that is a barrier so that they are protected and not be attacked and cannot be broken down.

00:19:29 The stronger, more pathological the problem like take the worst-case scenario like Lymes disease patients are constantly,

00:19:36 you know, that's the main focus of their treatment is to break down the biofilm because they're unable to reset their immune system and be able to actually get to the bacteria in their body that is causing them all

00:19:47 their all their pain points. So biofilm is incredibly, in my opinion, incredibly important target and incredibly important to break down,

00:19:54 because if you do not, you're constantly taking probiotics and really not getting anywhere. You're just, you know,

00:20:00 like expensive poo is what I'm saying. 30 to 50{4537a52abafa24f75931b694e3f6d1d9b0beb5896e18e49b3141987b78b41d96} of your stools are bacteria. So if you're not doing something to really break down that micro but that that biofilm in order to reset your microbiome,

00:20:13 you're like two steps forward. Three steps back, two steps forward, three steps back. The time that you take the probiotic,

00:20:19 it works well if you ever take a pause like you're gonna be having all their symptoms returning, right,

00:20:25 and then that creates an issue too, because, you know if you're not addressing it. There are case studies and reports and more research coming out of people.

00:20:32 Having an allergy to Lactobacillus bacteria is what it is in. You know, 80 to 90{4537a52abafa24f75931b694e3f6d1d9b0beb5896e18e49b3141987b78b41d96} of most probiotic formulas because, people,

00:20:40 If you don't deal with a biofilm, eventually, you know these good things that you're putting into your body.

00:20:45 Every single day is going to create an allergy as well because that's just how we're created. So biofilm is of the utmost importance to break it down.

00:20:52 But the problem exists. Is this, You know, many practitioners. Conventional doctors. They believe that antibiotics are going to be the tool to be able to break biofilm,

00:21:02 but unfortunately, that is not the case. And this is why we have now resistance to antibiotics. Like all these different problems in the antibiotics world,

00:21:10 it's not just only because people haven't completed their antibiotic. What happens is that you know antibiotics are meant to kill bacteria that are fast multiplying,

00:21:19 whereas biofilm is a slow, growing, protected layer that is created on the mucous membrane of the gut,

00:21:26 or on the skin with the bacteria. So the problem is, this is that antibiotic isn't going to target the biofilm and you actually need...

00:21:34 There are only a few substances that will target it. And, you know, like the best example of biofilms.

00:21:39 Think of plaque in your mouth, and this is where so many different studies have been done. Plaque in your mouth is a perfect example of a biofilm.

00:21:45 It's like it can get very... the longer it is on your teeth, the harder it becomes,

00:21:50 and then people have to get scaling done on their teeth. The same thing happens within the gut,

00:21:54 like I don't know, right, 'cause it's the same membrane and everything is the same. So if you allow that biofilm to grow,

00:22:01 it's gonna become hardened, be very difficult to break down. Amazing research in terms of periodontal medicine has shown,

00:22:08 you know, like that. It's mostly chemical substances that helped to break down biofilm things like chlorhexidine.

00:22:13 Which is a mouthwash people use when they have dentures, but they also now been recently delving into a natural substance called castor oil and castor oil being not as effective in vitro.

00:22:26 So in the test tube, it's not as good as chemical, but in vivo, it is more effective than the chemical,

00:22:33 which means that in the human body it works much better to break down biofilm than any of the other of the chemical substances that are,

00:22:40 you know, hardcore substances that that's their one and only job. Castor oil is able to do it and how we've translated that is that you know so many people out there are doing something called oil pulling in their mouth right as an example.

00:22:53 But they do coconut oil and sesame seed oil old Indian tradition. But what we do is we actually recommend people to do castor oil because castor oil will be so much more therapeutic and will help with breaking down the biofilm much more effectively.

00:23:04 Because everyone we know that it works for that. And then number two we know it has so many other benefits.

00:23:08 It's in terms of like yeast break down and, you know, improving generally the microbiome in the mouth,

00:23:14 so it and it extends then, too, you know, how do you get castor oil into your gut to get because you know,

00:23:21 if you take castor oil orally. Unfortunately, it's a very, very, very strong laxative, and that's not necessarily the route of administration that we want all the time.

00:23:28 So in comes, you know, my all-time favorite tool. I have to say that hands down are the castor oil pack.

00:23:35 It has stalked me my entire life of not having good bowels. And it's amazing how something follows you.

00:23:42 And I kept on ignoring it. It was like this big beacon. Every time I walked into a health food store or tell someone that I had Ibs you know,

00:23:49 they say you should be doing the castor oil pack, And I would be like, I'm not doing nothing it's so messy because everyone would tell me how messy it was.

00:23:55 And then, you know, it took me being incredibly sick and being like so many of the people watching today.

00:24:01 You know, I was that person who was taking all the right supplements. I was eating all the right foods.

00:24:06 I had figured out my food sensitivities by that point, you know, I was doing all the right exercise.

00:24:10 I was following the protocol, right? And I was feeling okay, but it wasn't really super well,

00:24:16 and then and then I got super sick, right? because my body, It wasn't enough for me because the thing that I was missing was I was missing

00:24:22 what castor oil packs do. Castor oil packs are the foundation of your health. And they support all the five pillars of feeling great and of having optimal health which are,

00:24:33 you know, the function of your digestive tract, making sure that it works. Having good and healthy antioxidants status improving your inflammation like having a good balance,

00:24:41 Not quenching completely Inflammation because inflammation is purposeful. Also, you know, tension and stress-reducing the tension and stress that was my main problem was that I was I've always been,

00:24:51 you know, the type of person. Actually, I didn't even know what relaxation state was.

00:24:56 I didn't I really didn't. The first time I did a castor oil pack, I was like, Oh my gosh,

00:25:00 What is this heavenly feeling like? It actually feels so weird. I'm not sure if it's heavenly yet,

00:25:04 but it feels different. And then I realized I'm like, Oh my God, this is what relaxed feels like.

00:25:10 And then, most importantly, what we're talking about here was breaking down the biofilm. So and doing that topically,

00:25:16 on your liver over your bowel area to help you from, you know, the outside inwards.

00:25:22 You know, breaking down that biofilm that you can actually get to repopulating and having a good microbiome.

00:25:29 And it doesn't happen overnight either. Something I need to tell people. You know, this is up with practice of these castor oil packs, regular practice over time,

00:25:38 and we're talking, you know, you'll get the benefit of the packs right away, but over time, like a year at least really to reset that gut.

00:25:46 The gut takes a while to reset if you're and if you're involved in is if you're working your child,

00:25:51 you're working on their neurology to helping them to get better health. In general, you know, you have to be dedicated to helping them to adopt these practices that you want them to have lifelong right,

00:26:02 because these are the types of things that are number one, the least expensive. Number two, like, that on its own,

00:26:09 is incredible number two right number two everything that they're taking and doing supplements. You know, therapists, you know,

00:26:16 a body balance emgr. Whatever it is that they're doing all of those things are gonna work better because they've now set their foundation for their health with the castor oil pack.

00:26:24 So, yeah, you're speaking my language. So what I love about castor oil packs and the reason why I think,

00:26:31 you know, I wanted to talk to you today. It has it's very cost-effective but effective.

00:26:40 Yeah, it has impacts on many different systems and challenges that we're dealing with our kids on. And it's not invasive.

00:26:49 So although you know it will be, parents will say okay, my kid's not gonna be excited about and the and the mess and everything else,

00:26:56 But you could talk a little bit about how we can manage through that. Those things. There may be some sensory things that might take them a little time because they might not like the texture or the feeling of it initially.

00:27:08 But there are strategies to get around that. But because it is - so all these things, um and it's something that will not interfere with anything else that you're doing as well.

00:27:20 Uh, it's one of those foundational things that it is fabulous for. Parents introduced their kids as you said of the young age.

00:27:29 Yeah, what is a life long practice because it can benefit us throughout our lives, not just when we're having challenges.

00:27:37 I love what you said about the sensory aspects, and I want to touch on that because to me that that is probably like with any of my patients.

00:27:44 Like pediatric or autism spectrum are, you know, behavioral. It is always that is always the first question that parents ask.

00:27:51 And then I freeze. And then I say, you know, have you heard of Temple Grandon? Temple Grandon

00:27:55 And of course, you know, she was a farmer autistic, And what she noticed was that the cows when they were being corralled,

00:28:03 you know, when they were just when they were tightly together and they were touching skin to skin,

00:28:08 the anxiety level was reduced, right? And so she ended up creating this hug machine. And initially,

00:28:15 when I was creating my first castor oil packs to make the treatment easy And, you know, for those people who don't know what a castor oil pack is,

00:28:21 it was basically an old therapy, this therapy has been around actually since 4000 BC, if you would believe it.

00:28:27 This is probably one of our oldest treatments that exist, and it's still in use because it works. Bottom line,

00:28:34 you know, like in the 10. No. In the 15 years that I've been in the natural health industry,

00:28:40 I have seen a lot of fancy things come in and come out, and I think so many people are,

00:28:47 you know, tantalized by these cool new things that are out there. You know, new supplements new this and that.

00:28:53 But what I have found time, time again in my practice is that it comes down to the most basic of things.

00:28:57 And when you set up those basics, the body can do it on its own. And you know,

00:29:02 this castor oil pack was used as a flannel and being with layers of flannel, they would pour castor oil all over it.

00:29:09 They would put it in the oven, warm it up, put it underneath the right rib cage, which is over the liver and that you think about that with your right hand.

00:29:16 Did you decide that you write on or you know cross your heart from your left side, over to liver on the right side.

00:29:23 So you place the pack on there, then they request you put like saran wrap around your body or tea cloth-like number one.

00:29:29 I don't want plastic around my children or myself, ever. And then you know, you have to lie there.

00:29:36 You have to be immobile, like who's going to get a child to be immobile, number one? This is,

00:29:40 like impossible on, you know, even for an adult myself that I was that just that alone.

00:29:46 With that, I'm having the concept of being able to learn, know how to relax. To me,

00:29:50 that was, like, ludicrous. I'm like, I'm too busy to lie down for an hour. There's no way that's going to happen, so I took it and I when I got sick,

00:29:58 I, you know, necessity is the creator of creation, right? Likeness. I was in need of figuring out a way to make this easy,

00:30:07 that I could move around that it didn't. It wasn't a big production, especially because I was so sick.

00:30:12 Just I had mono chronic fatigue. I just like every infection, every superinfection. I would I had it at the time,

00:30:18 right? You know mould toxicity. I was living in a mould-infested building and I had no other option.

00:30:23 I had to live there. So it was. It was a really tough time in my life,

00:30:27 and I needed to be easy and fast, and I need to be able to do it quickly. And so I created my first pack,

00:30:31 you know, back 11 12 years ago. And, you know, we've practiced on the patients and seeing what worked and what didn't I reinvented in about three years ago.

00:30:39 And so now we have the new Queen of Thrones pack which is just so super easy, like Moms, they have to do is just,

00:30:45 you know, compress soft side up, pour oil put it on the body, and it's that easy. And when it comes,

00:30:52 I know it's super super easy, and when it comes to sensory like that is actually part of how castor oil packs work.

00:31:00 According to Temple Grandin's theories is that you know all of her skin, and this is why children on the spectrum have a lot of sensory issues because their

00:31:10 nervous system is so heightened because of toxins within their body. So you know there may be a period of time of adjustment,

00:31:17 but these packs are made to actually adjust well to their sensory issues because the material is uber soft
cotton flannel sherpa, what we've done with kids is that sometimes we don't pour the oil on the compress.

00:31:29 We actually belly rub the oil on the compress and then put the compress on because we need the compress,

00:31:36 because the compress is what's gonna create that hug effect. And it's also what is gonna stimulate different receptors. Nervous system receptors on the skin,

00:31:44 communicating with the relaxed state of the body that is all concentrated within the gut area. So it's actually really,

00:31:51 really purposeful, and castor oil packs and anything, any child who's on a spectrum ADD, ADHD, behavioral OCD, doesn't matter, any type of

00:32:00 mental health, you know, anxiety, depression. castor oil packs are incredible as a tool to set the foundation.

00:32:07 And you know, one more point and I'll let you talk. I'm excited and I want people to hear this because

00:32:13 I think it's so important. You know what I said that the castor oil packs do is that it supports those five pillars,

00:32:18 right, which is a function of the digestive absorption of elimination, antioxidant status, inflammation, tension reduction and then the host.

00:32:29 And you know, those five pillars spell the word of faith. F-A-I-T-H. And it's these packs are what gave me the faith back into my body that I could heal because I had lost

00:32:41 frankly, like many people out there, I had lost the faith that I was able to heal because I had tried so many things for so many years,

00:32:49 and I wasn't getting anywhere if anything I was feeling like I was getting a bit worse over time,

00:32:54 right, because you know, supplements and different therapies, they're great. They can support you, but their support.

00:33:00 You know, they weren't the foundation that I needed to develop in my health practices for my body to be able to do it,

00:33:06 because then that was magic. Once I had the pack with my supplements that were bang on from a practitioner with my food choices which are bang on according to my food sensitivities.

00:33:16 You know, with my exercise routines, all those things, I then was able to heal and, you know,

00:33:21 as we were talking before we started, I am a 41 this year and I feel much better than I ever did at 20/26.

00:33:28 Like even probably my teens. I think in my teens I felt worse, Right. So just foundational.

00:33:34 Yeah, well, and I mean, you speak my language, we talk all the time here about setting the foundation and working on those foundations of,

00:33:43 you know, you could have a great diet, but if it's not the right one, it's a problem.

00:33:47 You have a great diet and figure that I need. But if you don't have the proper digestive function, you are not gonna reap the benefits of the great diet that you created and on and on and on.

00:33:56 You have to be properly hydrated, and we can go on for quite a while. So that's why I love this as,

00:34:01 um, really great and easy addition. And the one thing I wanted to touch on was, um,

00:34:08 when you were explaining it first and just again, now is how it helps us or our children get into a relaxed state because one of the challenges with our kids is that they are in a like you said,

00:34:23 in a heightened sense of arousal. But they're in a chronic stress state because they're because of what's going on inside their bodies.

00:34:31 So, they are chronically in a synthetic state and anything we can do to get them into that rest and digest for healing state.

00:34:41 It gives your system on ability to do that. So, um, that's why this is also super exciting.

00:34:48 Because it's a really hard thing to do with these kids. They're stuck. For lots of different reasons. Yeah,

00:34:54 And if I look at myself too, like, you know, I'm a classic ADD, sorry I always forget how to pronounce it properly.

00:35:01 But I am, you know, attention hyper like hyperactivity disorder, a hundred percent, you know, like I'm like,

00:35:06 boom boom boom. But I have so much energy and I need to. But, you know, I also grew up in a family that was Spanish loud,

00:35:12 you know, energy, like everyone going everywhere all the time. So it's like, you know, I was trained to my body in that state,

00:35:18 and so many kids like ADD/ADHD, same thing, you know, they've been trained over time and they go to the school and the school doesn't support them in the right way.

00:35:27 You know, like if I had listened to what my teachers had said to me, I would be doing absolutely nothing and what I'm doing,

00:35:32 because I was told that I wasn't a good student. I was told that I was horrible at writing,

00:35:36 you know, I'm working on my third book like it's like all these things I write blog's all the time like

00:35:41 check out our website like it's incredible. The blog's we write on like and it's like if I had listened to that and allowed them to take away part of my magic because I also feel that kids who are on the spectrum have a lot of magic in that I feel like they're probably the most powerful children out there.

00:35:59 I feel they just need to be nurtured and they need to learn their health practices so that that way they can be the best supported,

00:36:06 possibly, and I whenever I counsel kids and parents, you know, we actually talk about not their diagnosis.

00:36:14 We talk about their superpower and we say I say, you know, like so you have a superpower.

00:36:18 I'm like, you know, you're like Batman, you know, like take ADD right or ADHD

00:36:23 I'm like, super Batman or not Batman, Spiderman. When he first got his powers, you know,

00:36:28 Spider-Man here he was like, pew pew. You didn't know where his was web going. It's going everywhere,

00:36:33 right? And then but over time, you know, Spider-Man learned and practiced how to use his powers.

00:36:40 So, you know, you have to practice how to use your powers. And part of that practice with the kids is teaching them the life practices that are gonna take them throughout their life and support them to have an amazing life.

00:36:50 Because, you know, we have kids who are, you know, in my opinion, recuperated from spectrum like they're thriving.

00:36:57 They're amazing. They're not just surviving anymore in the system, they're thriving. They speak well, they communicate well,

00:37:04 they're socializing. It's just it's awesome to see, But also, their parents have been superhero creators as well,

00:37:11 you know, because the parents have done you know so much work in creating that environment for them and teaching them the practices and,

00:37:18 you know, like bedtime routines. You know, eye mask going to bed. You know, like we do things like eye masks.

00:37:25 We actually have products for all these things because I realized that there there wasn't there weren't tools for this.

00:37:30 So we have eye masks for them to go to bed because eye masks naturally increase melatonin so it's another supplement that parents don't give.

00:37:36 You know, we have kids do grateful practices. We have a grateful dung bracelet, so you don't make it a little bit of a joke and fun,

00:37:43 you know? And we have the kids hold on to the Grateful dung and then, you know, say three things they're grateful for and it could be things like funny things.

00:37:50 Like, I'm grateful for my poops I had today or I'm grateful for, you know, like just play in their practice is very important.

00:37:58 And doing this and teaching them And, you know, having like little perfumes are essential oils that you know,

00:38:03 Hugh up the gut after they poop, but teach them to smell. Their poo that they can understand what's going on with their bodies.

00:38:09 Right? So it's about those practices those foundational training. Yeah, I call our products all entrainment products because we're training the body to have a proper response instead of the improper response that's been trained because of our society.

00:38:24 Because of the toxic levels we have in just our environment and because of the foods that may not always be our best choices for our own personal bodies,

00:38:32 Right? So we need to retrain ourselves, you know, and there are so many great lessons in there.

00:38:37 And I will be linking to all of the things that you've been talking about today below this conversation, wherever it lands in the Internet universe and because I really highly recommend that everybody goes and checks these things out because everything that Dr. Marisol has talked about today are things that like,

00:38:58 she said can help support your child's health and help them thrive. You know, I love that you said recuperate.

00:39:06 We often say recover, but I, like recuperate from, you know, it's a healthy change.

00:39:12 We're not trying to change the kid's personalities, I love. I love everything about my daughter's personality.

00:39:18 It's not about changing them, it's improving their health and allowing them to really shine in terms of what they do and,

00:39:25 like you said, not just survive but thrive. The most successful people are on the spectrum,

00:39:32 and it's reality like it's like the most successful people. Many of them are on the spectrum, right,

00:39:38 because then the biggest issues with our school system, you know, our school system takes away our choice.

00:39:43 I even look at it even with when it comes to our poo. You know, like when we're children,

00:39:48 you know, two years of age, we're all celebrating stools and making sure they're potty trained and everyone's dancing and like,

00:39:54 clapping like my little niece and nephew, you know, they just went through that phase. You know,

00:39:58 all four adults are all around them, like dancing when they're on the potty you know. And then, you know,

00:40:03 we get to school and we lose. Unfortunately, our power of inquisition, of, all the things that we like to talk about and,

00:40:11 you know, we suddenly have to say, may I go to the bathroom? It's not like what your body wants.

00:40:15 It's what you know. Everyone around you is dictating and then you know that takes away a lot from Children.

00:40:20 And they start to learn those practices that, they're not. They're not. They're not right how they are,

00:40:25 they have to do it the way that other people request them to do it. So I really feel with children it's about,

00:40:30 you know, nurturing their magic because I really feel like superpowers. And I council

00:40:35 every single parent, like your child, has superpowers. And why don't we reframe it that way? Cause if you reframe it that way,

00:40:42 you know, I've seen so many kids walk in. The parents are to talk about, you know,

00:40:46 their diagnosis and their condition. You should see the kids energy just like bleurgh like they feel like you could just tell that they're so sad,

00:40:55 like they're so, so sad, demoralized and, you know, and just think about that impact on a child,

00:41:02 like as they grow like, Why would they wanna work at their health practices that they feel that they're wrong,

00:41:07 right? Like like when you feel like you've been so wrong, how can you get better? You know,

00:41:12 it's a big mountain, but if you feel that you have a superpower and you're positive about it. My God,

00:41:17 that mountain's much easier because at the end of it, you know, you're Spiderman. You're saving the world right.

00:41:23 It's just a different energy around it. Absolutely well. And I love your acronym of faith because I have tons of faith that each parent can help their child thrive ultimately as well.

00:41:35 And we'll make sure we link to things so people can read more about that. That perspective as well on your website,

00:41:44 I want to thank you so much for taking the time to, we didn't get to absolutely everything, that we were gonna chat about today.
00:42:08 But I think that people got in the most takeaways. And then I'm gonna link to some articles that are going to give people some ideas of more about how they can implicate the use of castor oil packs and then how also they can continue to reset their digestion so and we could do it again.

00:42:09 We can do it again. We could do one on poo just on poo if people comment below. I think we need to do that.

00:42:16 I got and what we will also link to we were chatting about this before, and Dr. Marisol will have another version,

00:42:26 of her journal coming out in the fall. But if you want to, you can get a free copy of the digital version of this,

00:42:33 the Food Sleep Mood and Poop Journal. All know we need to be tracking these things and I'll link to that below as well.

00:42:41 So thanks again, Dr. Marisol for your time today, and I can't wait to hear about everybody's results as they implement the Queen of Thrones castor oil packs in their daily regiments.

00:42:54 Awesome. Thank you so much for having me. It's been a pleasure. That's a wrap. Thanks for joining me this week on My Child Will Thrive.

00:43:06 I'm so passionate about giving you the tools and information you need to help your child recover. And, as they say,

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